Quick Start Guide

Welcome to SearchTap Product Search

Please follow these steps to launch an amazingly effective search experience for your store:

Step #1 Select the theme where you want to power search on your website.

The app will apply a few changes to your theme. We strongly recommend you to do the setup on a backup theme to test before publishing that theme. (Click here to know how to create a backup theme.)
You can select the theme from here.

Step #2 Select Datacenter and Generate SearchTap Tokens

Please select the datacenter nearest to your Shopify store (US, Australia or India) and generate tokens by clicking the "Generate Tokens" button here. This process might take up to a minute.
If you are installing the app in your second store then you may get the following alert while adding the datacenter and generate tokens ”Seems like the emailId already exists, try contacting SearchTap team” , for such cases please contact support at hello@searchtap.io and they will create tokens for you.

Step #3 Configure Filters and Features

SearchTap allows you to build filters using Product Type, Collections, Vendors & Price. You can configure additional Tags and Metafields filters. E.g If you wish to create a Tag-based filter for colour, enter the Filter Name as “Colour” and add all possible colour values as tags such as Red, Green, Blue, Yellow in the tags.
Please note: For the first time you have to click “Sync Filters” for the application to create filters for your defaults filters, additionally in future if you add, remove or update any filters, click the “Sync Filters” button on the filters screen for the changes to reflect on the search results page.
Use our features section to make additional configurations for your search.

Step #4 Sync Products and Configure Automatic Data Sync

Sync your catalogue for the first time by clicking on the "Start" button under section “Full Sync” on the sync page. Please ensure that you have generated the tokens in Step 2 before this step.
On the same page enable "Full Sync Cron" and choose a time interval and frequency of your choice to run the automatic daily catalogue sync under “Full Sync Settings” section.
Please note: First-time users can refresh the page after a couple of minutes to see if the product sync has started and ended. SearchTap typically syncs 200 products per minute so you can estimate the time this will take depending on the number of products you have in your store. You might have to wait 15 mins post data sync has ended to be able to see proper search results as it takes time to sync data over our distributed server network.
Since this task takes time to complete based on the number of products, we recommend choosing a time interval when you are not making any catalogue changes. We also recommend running this at a frequency of every 24 hours (once daily).

Step #5 Enable search on the live theme

Once your data is synced, please use the “Enable Search” button to launch the Instant Search Widget and SearchTap powered search results page.
Please note: If your theme provides a built-in autocomplete search result widget that shows products on typing in the search box, you might have to disable that from your theme settings manually.
If you can’t find how to turn off the autocomplete in your theme, please reach out to hello@searchtap.io for help.

Uninstall Process

To uninstall the app, please use the “Disable Search” button to remove the Instant Search Widget and SearchTap powered search results page from your theme. After this, you can go to the apps page and click 'Delete' to uninstall the app.

Help Is Just an Email Away

Just drop us an email at hello@searchtap.io in case you need any help.